2011 IBT Election

Hoffa, Promises Made, Promises Broken

September 20, 2011: Hoffa’s surprise announcement at UPS isn’t the first time that he’s made empty promises to Teamster voters to try to get elected.

Hoffa-Hall’s October Surprise at UPS

September 20, 2011: After years of ignoring runaway production harassment and 9.5 violations, the Hoffa administration is launching a desperate effort to save face with UPS Teamsters before the ballots go out on Oct. 6.

Sandy Pope: How We're Going to Win

September 15, 2011: I’m on the plane headed back to New York after a week on the campaign trail. I talked to thousands of Teamsters. And the response is incredible.

Liar Liar

September 15, 2011: Hoffa can’t defend his record, so he’s lying about Sandy Pope’s.

Airline Division: Time for a Change

September 15, 2011: At the official debate for candidates for Teamster president, two of the three present were stumped when asked what to do about the recent contract rejection by 5,000 United Airlines Teamster mechanics.

Grocery Teamsters Back Sandy Pope

September 15, 2011: Sandy Pope’s first Teamster job was a warehouse selector. Now she’s running for General President on a program of standing up to grocery employers.


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