2011 IBT Election

Hoffa’s Vegas Show: A Snoozer

June 30, 2011: Hoffa has run the convention as a five-day show of testimonials, videos, speeches and praise for himself and his administration. Hoffa delegates frequently drift from the hall, and the casino fills up with the “red vest” Hoffa supporters by mid-afternoon.

Zollars to Retire—Again

June 29, 2011: Tyson Johnson made a special announcement at the Teamster Convention—Bill Zollars is supposed to retire from YRC.

Hoffa Running Mate Found Guilty, Fined Again

June 28, 2011: Rome Aloise, an International Vice President running on the Hoffa slate, has been found guilty of using his union power to punish a member who dared to criticize his candidacy.

Teamsters Unite for Change

May 20, 2011: Sandy Pope will be officially nominated for general president at this month’s teamster convention.


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