2011 IBT Election

On the Road with Sandy Pope

May 20, 2011: Grassroots supporters of Sandy Pope have launched an outreach campaign to reach 100,000 Teamster voters in May and June.

Sandy Pope: “It’s Time for a New Direction for Our Union”

May 20, 2011: Sandy Pope told a nationwide conference call of Teamster supporters on May 15 the news they wanted to hear. When the votes are tallied at the Teamster Convention in June, Sandy Pope will be on the ballot as a candidate for General President.

Can Sandy Pope Revive the Teamsters Union?

May 6, 2011: Check out this evaluation of Sandy Pope’s campaign for General President and program to restore Teamster Power–and Hoffa’s refusal to discuss his record.

Sandy Pope Takes on Fox News

April 22, 2011: Sandy Pope appeared on national TV on April 21 to stand up for good union jobs and against corporate union busting by Boeing.

Hoffa Tries to Dodge Compliance in Bribery Scam

April 21, 2011: James Hoffa, after caught using union jobs, salaries, and pensions to bribe people for political support, is finally being forced to comply with the judge’s order in the case.

Labor Notes: Hoffa Must Pay to Publicize Bribe Attempts

April 5, 2011: After six months of investigation and three months of appeals, court-appointed election overseers have ordered Teamster President James Hoffa to acknowledge that he attempted to buy election support by offering jobs and pensions.

Want to attend the Teamster Convention?

March 28, 2011: Would you like to attend the Teamster Convention as a guest? The Convention – the Teamsters Union’s highest body -- will be held June 27 – July 1 in Las Vegas.


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