2011 IBT Election

Taking on the Nonunion Competition

January 24, 2011: Sandy Pope speaks out on mud slinging by the Hoffa Campaign and what it will take to organize the nonunion competition.

Help Elect Sandy Pope!

February 1, 2011: Members are spreading the word about Sandy Pope’s campaign for Teamster General President.

We're Backing Sandy Pope!

January 3, 2011: Members from across our union our coming together to support Sandy Pope. Find out why.

The Power In Our Hands

December 20, 2010: Our right to vote for top Teamster officers gives us the power to win a stronger union.

Sandy Pope Speaks Out On The Issues

December 20, 2010: Sandy Pope announced her campaign for General President on Oct. 10. Since then, she’s been taking her message to Teamsters across the country, listening to members concerns and addressing the issues.

Get Ready to Run for Delegate

December 2, 2010: Are you thinking about running for delegate to the Teamster Convention? Now is the time to get started.


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