Petition Drive for Full-Time Jobs at UPS

February 17, 2009: UPS is denying thousands of Teamsters full-time job opportunities—in violation of our union contract. Now, working Teamsters are getting together to do something about it.

Texas Full-Time Jobs Massacre

January 29, 2008: UPS management is moving to eliminate every Article 22.3 job at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport—the single largest cut since UPS started slashing full-time jobs last year.

Make UPS Deliver Full-Time Jobs

November 14, 2008: Mary Seumaala went on strike in 1997 to win a full-time job at UPS. Now UPS has taken her full-time job away.

Time to Stand Up for Full-Time Jobs

September 19, 2008: UPS is cheating thousands of Teamsters out of full-time jobs.

Our contract gives us the right—and the power—to make UPS create these jobs.


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