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What Does the Proposed DHL Deal Deliver?

March 14, 2008: The proposed deal with DHL delivers for management, but what does it deliver for DHL Teamsters in return?

That’s the question DHL Teamsters are faced with.

DHL Tentative Agreement Revealed

March 12, 2008: The proposed DHL agreement is now available, and unfortunately it contains the same disastrous givebacks previously exposed by TDU—including unlimited low-wage part-timers.

Tentative Agreement Reached with DHL

February 27, 2008: The IBT has announced that they reached a tentative agreement with DHL, and will soon hold a meeting for local officials to get a copy of the proposed deal.

DHL Committed to U.S. Market

January 30, 2008: In good news for DHLers, industry publications report that DHL “vows to stay in the United States” despite calls by some Wall Street analysts to sell its U.S. operations.


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