Make UPS Deliver

Make UPS Deliver is a national network of UPS Teamsters working together for a stronger contract.

We are independent of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and are often critical of its policies.

The Make UPS Deliver network works with Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), our union's national rank-and-file reform movement.

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UPS Contract Bargaining Round-Up

October 17, 2013: With the UPS contract long expired and peak on the way, contracts and contract supplements or riders covering over 75,000 UPSers still remain to be negotiated.

Next Up in UPS Round Two: Western Region and Local 177

Oct. 4, 2013: Ballots will be counted starting Oct. 9 on UPS supplements in the Central and Pa. Another 35,000 Teamsters will be re-voting soon in the Western Region and N.J. Local 177. But for now, there's an information Brownout on what they will be voting on.

UPS Contract Voting: Round 2

September 6, 2013: Hoffa-Hall have launched a PR offensive to try to pass the rejected supplements in the Central Region and Pennsylvania.

Ken Hall's Confusion

September 6, 2013: Ken Hall says "confusion over healthcare" caused members to Vote No and reject a record number of UPS contract supplements.

Vote No Movement Wins Healthcare Improvements at UPS

Sept. 4, 2013: The Vote No movement has reversed healthcare cuts and won better benefits. Remember when they said your healthcare benefits were negotiated in the national contract and could not be improved? Members have proven them wrong.

Western UPS Teamsters Say NO to Concessions

August 29, 2013: Western UPS Teamsters, who rejected UPS's first offer two months ago, are uniting to put forward reasonable demands for the Western Supplement and Southwest Rider.

How UPS Teamsters Can Win

August 21, 2013: Hoffa and Hall say it is impossible for UPS Teamsters to win a thing. They won't bargain to protect healthcare, and they won't bargain for real changes in the Central Supplement. We say UPS workers can win. Here's how...

UPS Central Region Proposal: There's Nothing There

August 19, 2013: On August 16, the IBT's Central Region Negotiating Committee quietly reached a deal with management to make just two minor "tweaks" to the rejected first offer. Apparently Hoffa-Hall will keep this stinky deal under wraps until their PR machine puts perfume on it.

From Tough Talk to Contract Concessions

August 9, 2013: The UPS and UPS Freight contract negotiations were supposed to be the opening act in Ken Hall's bid to succeed Hoffa. But the show did not go according to script.


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