Make UPS Deliver

Make UPS Deliver is a national network of UPS Teamsters working together for a stronger contract.

We are independent of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and are often critical of its policies.

The Make UPS Deliver network works with Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), our union's national rank-and-file reform movement.

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Standing Up to UPS

August 9, 2013: UPS Teamsters have shown they have more fight than Hoffa-Hall and the International Union when it comes to taking on concessions. After voting down 18 supplements, members are continuing to organize to rebuild union power at UPS.

Video: UPS Strike Anniversary

August 4, 2013: In the 1990s Teamsters stood up to UPS, and won. August 4 makes the anniversary of the start of the victorious UPS strike — a lesson in rank and file power.

Michigan Teamsters: Keep Voting No

"We collected five sheets of petition signatures calling on Hoffa & Hall to help us make major improvements in the Central Region. We work far too hard to earn the profits for UPS to be asked to accept a non-stellar contract."
Stu Malcolm, Steward, Local 164, Jackson, Mich.

Ken Hall's Double Talk

UPDATED July 30, 2013: Ken Hall's letter on UPS contract negotiations shows both the power of the Vote No movement and the IBT's determination to try to force through healthcare cuts.

Stick It to UPS

"We'll Keep Voting No Until UPS Gets it Right" stickers are now available from TDU.


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