Make UPS Deliver

Make UPS Deliver is a national network of UPS Teamsters working together for a stronger contract.

We are independent of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and are often critical of its policies.

The Make UPS Deliver network works with Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), our union's national rank-and-file reform movement.

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UPSers Press for Vote On Change to Their Health Plan

April 22, 2013: More than 100,000 Teamsters will be moved out of their current health plan if UPS management gets its way in contract negotiations. Now some locals are demanding a separate vote on the issue.

Members Push Back on UPS Healthcare Proposal

April 19, 2013: UPS Teamsters and many local unions are raising red flags about members being moved into the Central States Health Fund. The proposal has sparked resistance from members and locals opposed to benefit reductions.

Members Waiting on Details on Harassment, 9.5, Technology

UPDATED April 19, 2013: The International Union will resume contract negotiations with UPS on April 22 with the goal of reaching a deal on a proposed new contract by the end of the week. Economic issues, including healthcare, remain on the table.

Make UPS Deliver Less Harassment

March 15, 2013: UPS is making record profits in a tough economy by using technology, harassment and excessive overtime to pile more work on drivers.

UPS Contract Negotiations Update

February 20, 2013: Ken Hall and the International Union have dug in and said NO to members paying toward our healthcare premiums. Find out where we stand on other key contract issues.

UPS Increases Stock Dividends

Make UPS Deliver

In another sign of UPS's fat profits, the company once again hiked payments to stockholders. Cash dividends have tripled since 2000.

The UPS Board of Directors declared an 8.8% increase in stock dividends on Feb. 13. UPS also announced a $10 billion corporate stock buy-back, much larger than had previously been announced.

UPS profits have stayed up in a down economy. The company made $4.38 billion last year alone. Shareholders are reaping the benefits. Dividends have steadily increased and tripled since 2000.

UPS Contract Rallies Draw a Crowd

February 19, 2013: UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters turned out in big numbers at contract rallies this last weekend, demonstrating members are ready to stand up for our contract.

UPS Targets Health Benefits

February 8, 2013: In an effort to put our union on the defensive in contract negotiations, UPS management has put a proposal on the table that members pay up to $90 a week for health benefits.

Make UPS Deliver

February 1, 2013: UPS Teamsters stand up for a better contract as the company announces its 2012 profits.


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