Rank-and-File Reformers Oust 'In Bed' Rhode Island Teamsters

Labor Notes

Rhode Island Hospital worker Nick Williams was so angry that his new supervisor was his union business agent’s brother that he came home from work and Googled “Teamsters 251 sucks.” And that was the turning point that led to rank-and-file Teamsters taking over the local that covers all of Rhode Island.

What Solidarity Looks Like

November 20, 2013: Members of 251 United Action celebrate victory in their local union election at the 2013 TDU Convention

A History of TDU

In 2005, the Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy published an authoritative essay by law professor Michael J. Goldberg, entitled Teamster Reformers: Their Union, Their Jobs, Their Movement.

Happy Birthday: TDU Turns 37

September 19, 2013: On September 18 in 1976, a small group of courageous Teamsters met in Kent, Ohio, to form Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU). They had little going for them except guts, principles, and a vision of a union driven by rank and file power.

Celebrate Labor Day With 25% off a TDU Membership

August 30, 2013: We're celebrating Labor Day weekend with 25% off TDU memberships. Join the group that gives Teamsters reliable news on our contracts and union, and helps members unite against givebacks.

Building Teamster Power Conference

September 6, 2013: Join Teamsters from New York and throughout the Northeast for a day of union education and strategizing about rebuilding Teamster Power.

TDU is Growing—Want to be Part of Making it Happen?

August 23, 2013: TDU is growing, and it's no secret why. The Hoffa-Hall IBT leadership has failed, and Teamsters who want to do something about it realize that as isolated individuals, we are powerless to change the union. The only way to make it happen is if we're organized: that's what Teamsters for a Democratic Union is all about.

Education for Union Power

August 16, 2013: Get the education and information we need to defend our rights, organize to win stronger contracts and rebuild Teamster Power.

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UPDATED. July 8, 2013: To celebrate the Vote No movement against contract givebacks, Teamsters can get $10 off the cost of a TDU membership. SPECIAL OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT TUESDAY.


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