Why We're Joining TDU

Teamsters from across our union are joining TDU. We asked some new members why they signed up. Here's what they had to say.

Get Your TDU T-Shirt

Show your Teamster pride with a TDU t-shirt. Keep cool and let others know where you stand when it comes to rebuilding our union.

Join Teamsters at Labor Notes

Join Teamsters and 1,500 union activists at the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, May 4-6, for three days of labor education and strategizing on how to win the war on workers.

Resources from TDU

"We, the members, are this union. We have a responsibility to educate each other and uphold our rights. That's the core of TDU's mission."

Help Distribute Teamster Voice

Teamster Voice is the tool to inform members on the challenges facing our union and what members are doing to rebuild Teamster Power.

Building Teamster Power in 2012

In 2012, TDU members are making plans to improve our contracts, defend our benefits, run for local union office, and get more members informed and involved in our union.

SAVE THE DATE! 2012 TDU Convention

The TDU Convention provides Teamsters with the best member education and organizing trainings anywhere. Join Teamsters from across our union in Chicago October 26-28 to get the information, advice and skills we need to turn our union around.


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