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TDU and concerned UPS Freight Teamsters are coming together to enforce our contract, protect our rights, and hold our union officials accountable.

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UPS Freight Contract
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How to document subcontracting

UPS Freight Newswire


February 20, 2012: is a new website for UPS Freight Teamsters who are working together to improve our contract.

Organizing for the 2013 Contract

December 16, 2011: UPS Freight Teamsters from a number of terminals including Akron, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Orlando, Austin, Portland and northern and southern California have met by conference calls to form a national network and prepare for the upcoming contract.

UPS Freight Grievance Docket

August 24, 2011: The national UPS Freight grievance panel will meet Sept. 14-16 in San Diego—and many locals continue to grieve subcontracting out of Teamster work.


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