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"UPS management is getting leaner and meaner. Supervisors are harassing members and pushing numbers, numbers, numbers. TDU's UPS Network is the best source of information to protect yourself, period."

Craig Karnia, Local 705, Chicago


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Support Growing for UPS Teamsters in NYC

March 8, 2014: UPDATED: Support is growing for 250 drivers that UPS has put on notice of termination in NYC. Sign an online petition launched by labor-community supporters.

UPS Strike Vote Scare Tactic

February 24, 2014: The Hoffa-Hall administration is trying to intimidate UPS Teamsters with phony strike votes. But the scare tactics aren’t working.

UPS Crash Probe Shows Danger of Tired Pilots at Night


U.S. safety regulators examining the fatal crash of a United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) jet last year highlighted the dangers of pilot fatigue, a pivotal issue for the cargo crews who often fly overnight.

Local 710 UPS Teamsters Say NO

February 21, 2014: UPS Teamsters in Local 710 have overwhelmingly rejected the proposal put forward by their local leadership and UPS management.

UPS Update

February 21, 2014: Get the latest news on the third vote on the Ohio Rider, Hoffa-Hall threats against UPSers in Philadelphia and Western PA, the upcoming national grievance panel and the information brownout on the IBT-UPS pension.

UPS Pension Limbo Continues

February 21, 2014: Teamsters who are ready to retire are being held hostage by UPS and the Hoffa-Hall administration.

UPS Bargaining: Brownout and Threats

February 21, 2014: The information brownout has reached a new low. UPS Teamsters in Ohio, who have rejected their rider twice, will get a third ballot mailed to them on February 27, without any input or even information about changes to UPS’s offer.

EEOC Can Contest UPS Return-to-Work Rule As Illegal Qualification Standard Under ADA

Bloomberg BNA

A federal judge in Chicago Feb. 11 ruled that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can pursue its claim challenging United Parcel Service Inc.'s policy of discharging employees who can't return to work after 12 months of leave, finding that the rule may be an unlawful qualification standard under the Americans with Disabilities Act (EEOC v. UPS, Inc., 2014 BL 35887, N.D. Ill., No. 1:09-cv-05291, 2/11/14).


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