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Why Walmart Failed to Suppress Black Friday Strikes

The Nation

Friday was a historic day for labor organizing, as workers and their supporters at 1,000 Walmarts across the country protested on the superstore’s most profitable day. Unsurprisingly, Walmart told a different story, claiming that the Black Friday actions had little impact. But the hundreds of employees who walked out—despite threats of arrest and retaliation—showed that workers are willing to stand up to the nation’s largest employer.

Walmart Warehouse Strikers Return to Work with Full Back Pay

Labor Notes

Strikers have returned to work with their heads held high and their wallets full at Walmart’s largest North American distribution center. Warehouse workers in Elwood, Illinois, announced Saturday that they had won their key demand, reinstatement of all who were fired or suspended for on-the-job organizing, along with full back pay for everyone who participated in the three-week strike.

Wal-Mart Warehouse Workers Fight Back

October 4, 2012: On Monday, October 1, 600 warehouse workers and union supporters shut down Wal-Mart's largest US distribution center, in Elmwood, Illinois, in a dramatic show of solidarity.

Warehouse Workers on Strike!

Change to Win's Strategic Organizing Center

A letter from Change to Win's Strategic Organizing Center:

Dear Friends,

Warehouse workers in Southern California went on strike this morning, following months of high tension, high temperatures and extreme pressure in a major Walmart-contracted warehouse. These courageous workers walked off the job to protest retaliation by their warehouse employers.

Hundreds of Bronx Workers Locked Out, Now on Strike

NY Daily News

More than 350 Bronx factory workers are on strike against one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

The union workers—who manufacture and package medical ointments and creams at a Perrigo factory on Bathgate Ave.—were locked out Tuesday morning when they returned to work after Labor Day, they said Wednesday.

"I came here ready to work and, all of a sudden, I'm out on the street," said Lawrence McRae, a 55-year-old a pump operator.

Your Right to Get a Copy of Your Contract

UPDATED September 4, 2012: The Southern California master grocery contract, covering 5,000 Teamsters, was ratified in October 2010. But after two years, members still can't get a copy of their contract.

Strike at US Foods

November 2, 2011: US Foods workers were forced to strike the nation's second largest foodservice distributor this weekend in response to the company's unfair labor practices, which include retaliating against employees for engaging in union activity and refusal to bargain in good faith with Teamsters Local 722 in La Salle, Ill.

Grocery Teamsters Back Sandy Pope

September 15, 2011: Sandy Pope’s first Teamster job was a warehouse selector. Now she’s running for General President on a program of standing up to grocery employers.


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