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Strikers Win at Waste Management

January 8, 2015: A Hoffa administration VP told Teamsters to cross the picket line. But Waste Management workers won a strike that will raise their pay from $12.50 to $20 an hour.

Immigrant Recycling Workers Win Strike, Union Drive in East Bay

In These Times

SAN LEANDRO, CA—Within days of each other last week, two groups of Northern California recycling workers declared they'd had enough of what they see as regimes of indignity and discrimination. One group voted to unionize, and another, already union members, walked out on strike.

State proposes fining Waste Management

Renton Reporter

State regulators are proposing to fine Waste Management, Inc., for missed garbage, recycling and yard-waste collections during last year's eight-day labor dispute.

Teamster Strikes Spread at Republic Waste

UPDATED April 18, 2013: Republic Waste Teamsters walked out yesterday in Cleveland, joining striking Teamsters in Youngstown Ohio. Also, Republic Teamsters in Memphis Local 984 walked out, in an unfair labor practice strike. Some 600 are now out on strike in Northeast Ohio.

Teamsters At Republic Services Extend Picket Lines To Anaheim, California

PR Newswire

Sanitation workers employed at Republic Services/Allied Waste's [NYSE: RSG] Carbon Limestone landfill in Youngstown, Ohio raised a picket line extension at Republic's Anaheim, Calif. facilities early this morning. The more than 400 workers at Republic's transfer station, commercial and residential truck yard, and materials recovery facility (MRF) are refusing to cross the picket line.

Teamsters Strike At Republic Services/Allied Waste In Youngstown, Ohio


Sanitation Workers Go On Unfair Labor Practice Strike; Co-Workers in Evansville, Ind.  and  Urbana, Ill.  Refuse To Work In Show of Support

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio,  March 28, 2013  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Sanitation workers employed by Republic Services/Allied Waste [NYSE: RSG] went on strike in  Ohio last night to protest the company's violations of federal labor law. Workers at Republic's Carbon Limestone landfill outside of  Youngstown  put up a picket line instead of reporting to their shifts late yesterday.

ILWU strikes Waste Management

International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Hundreds of Waste Management workers belonging to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) struck three facilities Friday morning, March 15, shutting down the company’s East Bay operation in for five hours.

Waste Management reaches agreement with strikers

The Seattle Times

Waste Management and Teamsters Local 117 have reached a tentative agreement on a new six-year contract that will have garbage drivers back on their regular collection routes by Thursday morning, Waste Management said.

Waste Management Drivers in Burlington Honor Seattle-Area Picket Lines

Komo News

BURLINGTON, Wash -- Waste Management drivers at the Burlington facility in Skagit County are honoring the picket lines of their striking coworkers from the Seattle-area this morning.

The Burlington facility serves customers in North Snohomish and Skagit Counties.  Drivers at that facility established a picket line at 5:00 a.m.

Waste Management is publishing the latest list of service delays on its website.


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