Members Denied Vote on Local 82 Merger

January 5, 2012: Hoffa has denied Boston Teamsters their Right to Vote and forcibly merged them into Local 25.

Boston Local 82, a proud union of Teamsters in the Trade Show and Commercial Moving & Storage industries, is no more.

Hoffa has forcibly merged the union into Boston Local 25, the home local of new International Vice President Sean O’Brien.

Local 82 members were given no vote and no say in the matter.

The Teamster Constitution guarantees members the right to vote on the merger of their local union. TDU fought for and won this right.

But Hoffa inserted a loophole into the language that allows the International Union to deny members their Right to Vote if the local is “incapable of performing its representational functions due to its financial condition or where an emergency situation exists.”

Hoffa ignored the true “emergency situation” in Local 82 for many years. Corruption was rampant in the local under the leadership of John Perry, a Hoffa appointee as the IBT’s Trade Show Director.

Local 82 members braved goons, threats and even violent assault to blow the lid on embezzlement, sweetheart contracts, rigged contract votes, and elaborate schemes to steer jobs to friends and political allies of local officers and their enforcers.

Members documented and reported these violations to Hoffa but he refused to take any action. Finally, the Independent Review Board forced Hoffa’s hand and he put Local 82 into trusteeship.

Local 82 members cleaned up their local and earned the right to determine their own future, not to have their local union taken away from them.

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