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A Smart Strategy to Defeat ‘Right to Work’

Labor Notes

Wisconsin is now the 25th state to adopt a so-called “right-to-work” law, which allows workers to benefit from collective bargaining without having to pay for it.

How Unions Can Grow Stronger in the Wake of Right To Work

In These Times

The late February snow fell lazily on several thousand Wisconsin union members as they gathered on the steps of the capitol building in Madison to protest what picket signs denounced as “the war on workers.”

California FedEx Terminal Goes Teamster

March 16, 2015: On March 13, FedEx drivers at the Stockton terminal voted 33-12 to join the Teamsters Union – the fourth FedEx terminal to say Yes to going union. Congrats to the new FedEx Teamsters and to Local 439 and the members who helped make it happen.

Milwaukee Teamster Retiree Speaks Out on Pension Cuts

March 13, 2015: Bob Amsden, a retired Local 200 Teamster, isn’t sitting by while Central States ponders cuts. He helped form the Wisconsin Committee to Protect Pensions and organized a meeting that attracted over 60 retirees, spouses, and active Teamsters.

UPS Moves Away From Loving Logistics

Transport Topics

UPS is abandoning the slogan "We Love Logistics" in favor of "United Problem Solvers" in a new advertising campaign to highlight its other services.

Louisville Local 89 Picket Stops Subcontracting

March 12, 2015: When Teamster Local 89 investigated and found out that Holland was bringing in low-paid contractors to do city delivery work, they took creative action – and in less than one hour, YRCW management decided the contractors would leave empty.

IRB Charges former Local 439 Officers

UPDATED March 14, 2015: The Independent Review Board (IRB) has charged the former leaders of Stockton California Local 439 with a pattern of embezzlement, fraud and receiving a motorcycle from an employer.

Freezing workers claim dangerous, inhumane conditions

Osha Today

Employees at an open, doorless Tannersville freight facility say they are forced to work in freezing temperatures for eight hours a day with just a 30-minute lunch and 10-minute break.

Not true, said Neovia Logistics Services and Management, the Texas-based company that runs the facility. The company says employees can take whatever discretionary breaks they need in the cold.