Teamster News

Video: Pension Movement Spreads

June 4, 2015: The movement to stop the pension cuts in the Central States Plan – and for positive alternatives – is growing and spreading out.

Convention Delegate Count is Set

June 3, 2015: Candidates for International Union office will be officially nominated at the Teamster Convention next year. Now you can find out how many Convention Delegates will be elected in your Local Union.

To Save the Economy, Strengthen Unions

May 28, 2015: Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains in this 2 ½ minute video how to strengthen unions to save our economy. Watch the video and pass it along.

Deal to Let Kroger Exit Pension Fund is Stalled

May 27, 2015: What do you do when you give a corporation the deal they want, but the pension fund vetoes it as illegal? That’s the IBT’s question regarding their deal with Kroger Co.

Teamsters Stand Up to Fight for $15

May 20, 2015: Tens of thousands of workers and supporters in 120 cities rallied, protested, and went on strike on April 15, including Wal-Mart employees, fast-food workers, homecare workers, and others.

Join the Campaign to Defend Pensions

May 20, 2015: Under the new law, we have the right to vote on any proposed cuts. Our job is to organize for a solid NO vote to deliver to the Secretary of Treasury. He has the final say and he needs to see our strong opposition.