A Dollar for Zollars

December 2, 2008: Ford Motor Co. announced today that it will pay Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally a $1 annual salary if it uses federal bailout money. How about a dollar for Zollars?

Many Teamsters would prefer to see Yellow Roadway CEO Bill Zollars gone for any price. But with YRC coming to working Teamsters for concessions, the least the company can do is reduce Zollars' CEO pay to a $1 a year if Teamster members vote to approve concessions. Other top YRC managers may follow suit.

Freight Teamsters have bombarded TDU with email messages and phone calls about the proposed concessions. A few representative comments appear below.

We want to hear from you: Do you think it’s time for a dollar for Zollars? Should a clear snap-back clause be part of any deal for concessions? Are concessions necessary?

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What Freight Teamsters Are Saying

What concessions are YRC executives and management willing to give up? We should absolutely not agree to any concessions if it's gong to be business as usual.

We have already agreed to a substandard contract at Hoffa's insistence. Isn't it about time to take back our union pride?
Mike Jackson, Yellow Roadway Local 41, Kansas City

CEO Bill Zollars must resign before I will consider any concessions. He has taken three good companies and created one huge mess. Why should we follow the man who led us down the wrong road? How about at least 20 percent concessions from all management?
Ken Saunders, Yellow Roadway Local 957, Dayton, Ohio

Any concessions should be short term with a defined time line. We should treat any concessions as a loan. When the YRC stock is upgraded to a predetermined goal amount, then the givebacks should be repaid at a reasonable rate of interest. Permanent givebacks are not acceptable.
Anthony Witkowski, Yellow Roadway Local 707, New York

Hoffa and the other IBT officials should give back too. They make too much money. No Teamster officer should make more than 150 percent of the highest paid union member.

Let the union people work for the membership and not just protect their turf and position. They need to sacrifice too.
Mike Ralph, Yellow Roadway L 710, Chicago

If YRC is truly looking for savings, then why are they calling us in to move freight on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, paying us premium pay, when the freight won’t be delivered until Monday or Tuesday anyways?

This is just one example of the mismanagement we see on a daily basis. Why should Teamsters take all the hits for the mistakes all the way up the YRC corporate ladder?
Jon Lustig, USF Holland L 364, South Bend, IN

If we do accept a giveback, we need a time limit. All the big shots in management need to make a giveback too. And there has to be continued auditing and monitoring of the finances. Once YRC shows a profit, we should get back to scale.
Ron Davis, USF Holland L 135, Indianapolis



I don't Know about the rest of you but I for one am getting tired of being sold out by the union. First we get a substandard contract that no one I know voted for. Now they want to give YRC concessions after they have run the company in the ground. No one could ever explain to the public how the number two company could buy Roadway while they were broke. Since Yellow freight took over we have gone on a downward spiral to the hole we are in now . Management has continued to play games like charging hot time and Ha Ha I thought we were hauling freight. They have cut Roadway management back to a minimum to save money, while keeping people working dispatch that have no clue how to do the job. Runarounds cost money but they continue to be a problem. Before asking for concession from the only people doing the jobs they were hired for lets get rid of dead weight at the top Zollars for one. how about selling Reimer and pull out of Comunist China. Since Yellow has never made money since they bought Roadway and they have bled us dry Chop Chop Chop. Since road drivers are acting as glorified city drivers and rail drivers bye bye metro rail drivers and let drop the stupid idea of change of operations to move people then six months to a year later move people right back into the old job. You want the company to make money put a trucker in Zollars job. Last but not least we are still paying the strike fund let the union give that as our concession since we are too weak to actually go on strike. Better yet lets go to Obama and ask for a payoff oh sorry bailout we put him in the job now he can save us. God bless the working man!!!!!!!!!! If YRC had some working men we wouldn't be broke!!!!!!!!!!!!