Hoffa’s Las Vegas Act

June 17, 2011: While thousands of Teamsters are dealing with benefit cuts, layoffs, and deteriorating working conditions, Hoffa has been busy scripting a Las Vegas act.

Sources report that Hoffa:

  • Obtained a special permit from the Convention hotel to allow 30 motorcycles onto the Convention floor.
  • Has lined up video greetings from 30 Rock stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Is even begging George Clooney to attend, but so far the former “Sexiest Man Alive” won’t commit.

We have no objection to endorsements from pro-labor celebrities, or to delegates having a good time in Vegas.

But first and foremost, the Teamster Convention should be serious talk about our union’s problems, not pomp and pageantry.

Las Vegas shows are a great distraction from the problems of real life. But the Teamster Convention is supposed to be about dealing with those problems head on.

And Hoffa’s Vegas act is getting stale.

TDU members will be at the Convention to hold Hoffa accountable and report to members back home.



Just who is paying for all this.. It is hard times for the members and I do not think Hoffa and company should be having a Hollywood type of party on my dime..It just shows you that these guys do not care for the members but only for themselves..It is time to vote them out and say goodbye to them..They are a lot of the reason that the IBT cannot organize more trucking companies..

After retiring after 25 years from ABF, on July 1 I will lose my pension after 10 months of drawing from it. It's just like a rat to go to Vegas on my stolen dime. Unreal. Unethical.