Teamster Issues

Pension and Benefits
Our Teamster pensions and benefits are under attack. Working together, we can roll back the pension cuts, improve our benefits, and hold our pension fund trustees accountable.

Hoffa Watch
Hoffa Watch reports on news concerning top Teamster officials and on issues related to Teamster democracy and members' rights.


Local Union Reform
TDU members work to build strong democratic locals by fighting apathy, involving members, and standing up for our rights.

Get the latest on what’s up at Brown, and how UPS Teamsters are uniting to deal with contract enforcement challenges.


Freight industry news. Enforcing our contract. Organizing the nonunion competition. And more.


UPS Freight
Thousands of UPS Freight workers have joined our union. What that means for them—and the future of our union at UPS and in freight.


Bus Drivers
Bus driver and matron news.



Attacks on Teamster carhaul have left this once-powerful division of our union seriously weakened. Get information on the challenges we face and what we can do to rebuild union power in carhaul.


Find out what's coming down the track in our industry and how rail Teamsters are organizing to build worker solidarity and power on the rail and in our union.


Waste industry employers have a national strategy for maximizing their profits and minimizing our rights. Our union needs to respond with a national strategy for organizing the unorganized and winning national standards for wages.


Production standards. Third party outsourcing of trucking and warehouse operations. The challenges warehouse Teamsters face and how we can fight back and win.


Black Teamsters
A strong union involves everyone. How Black Teamsters are working together to make that happen.


Women Teamsters
Teamster women are growing in numbers. Members of the TDU Women's Caucus are working together to build a union that fights for all Teamsters.


Graphic Communication Teamsters are standing strong to preserve our standards in the printing industry and to organize new members at Quebecor.



Teamsters in the public sector face unique challenges—from privatization to budget cuts. Through TDU, we're uniting to win strong contracts and the union representation we deserve.

Brewery & Soft Drink
Employers are out to lower standards for brewery and soft drink Teamsters, and members are getting organized to protect their jobs and their future.


How DHL Teamsters are dealing with a new contract and big changes at the world’s biggest delivery company.