Organizing for Teamster Power

February 26, 2010: TDU’s International Steering Committee met in February to make TDU’s grassroots organizing plans for 2010.

More than 125 Teamsters attended the NY-NJ TDU Teamster Education Conference in January. The conference featured workshops on UPS production harassment and handling disciplinary grievances.The eighteen members of the TDU ISC set TDU policy and supervise the TDU staff in between conventions. They were elected to a one-year term at the last TDU Convention.

“Organizing and educating members at the grassroots is the foundation for all that TDU does,” said Matt Taibi, a new ISC member from Providence Local 251.

“We made plans to help members hold educational events on pensions and UPS issues, gear up for local contract campaigns, and get advice to run for local union office. I really enjoyed my first meeting.”

In January and February, TDU members held meetings and workshops in New York, Baltimore, Springfield, Providence, Vermont, Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Los Angeles, and more.

Members of the ISC from New York reported on the very successful educational conference they sponsored in January.

“It was so great to see so many brothers and sisters come together at our NY-NJ Teamster Education conference,” said Bill O’Bayley, a member of the TDU ISC from New York Local 805.

If you’d like to set up a meeting in your area, call the TDU office and speak to an organizer at (313) 842-2600.

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