"We'll See You at the TDU Convention"

Teamsters are coming from across North America for the 2009 TDU Convention, Nov. 6-8 at the Cleveland Airport Sheraton.

"Teamsters for a Democratic Union is growing in Puerto Rico."

“Ten of us will be attending the TDU Convention to share strategies and unite across North America to return our union to the members.”

Jose Grajales, Migdalia Magriz Mara Quiara, Humberto Miranda Local 901 Crowley Puerto Rico Services, Puerto Rico

"If you want to Dump Hoffa, be at the TDU Convention."

“Every freight Teamster is frustrated and concerned about our future. There’s also a ton of anger.”

“We need to figure out how to channel all this into a plan going forward.”

“TDU is all about making that happen. The convention is a great place to meet and strategize with other brothers and sisters.”

“I’ll see you there.”

Frank Rogers, YRC Local 41, Kansas City, Mo.

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