Teamster Troublemaker

Members in Meetings: A Good Idea?

Dear Teamster Troublemaker,

I’m a steward, and the supervisor likes to cut deals behind members’ backs; he doesn’t want members present when we meet. Should I bring members into grievance meetings anyway?

When You Gotta Go...

Dear Teamster Troublemaker:

I’m a package driver, and I’m often in areas where there aren’t adequate bathroom facilities.

Why Do They Hate TDU So Much?

February 11, 2010: Dear Teamster Troublemaker: I just found the TDU website. It’s got a lot of information! But my BA goes ballistic over TDU. He told me that TDU stands for “Too Dumb to Understand.” Why do they hate you guys?

Free Speech and My Contract?

Ask the Teamster Troublemaker: Can a rank-and-file bargaining committee member urge members to vote against a concessionary contract?

Driving in Winter Weather

Winter’s here. Dispatch has the idea that there is no such thing as road conditions too bad to drive. Am I on thin ice if I refuse to drive in dangerous conditions?

Horsetrading Grievances

March 27, 2008: For the last two months, I can’t get any of my grievances on excessive OT paid.


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