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UPS Contracts 2013-2018

These contract downloads are unofficial documents prepared by Teamsters for a Democratic Union for use by UPS Teamsters, stewards and local union reps. They have not been approved by the IBT.

Enforcing Your 9.5 Rights at UPS

March 1, 2012: Excessive overtime is out of control at UPS. Get the facts on your 9.5 rights and how to enforce them by using TDU’s 9.5 Rights Enforcement Form.

New Technology Tracks Drivers' Every Move

July 21, 2009: UPS is implementing new technology that allows management to monitor drivers like never before. Telematics amounts to a daily OJS without a manager ever getting in your truck.

Working Safe, Working Smart

May 22, 2009: UPS management is laying off drivers, adding stops to routes, and pushing package car drivers to increase production more than ever. Following UPS's methods is the best way to protect yourself.


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