How to Think Like an Arbitrator

April 18, 2014: Thinking like an arbitrator will help you win your contract language grievances even if you don’t go to arbitration.

Annual $150,000 Club Report

Hoffa and Ken Hall spent much of 2013 telling Teamsters to take concessions. How do you think they're doing?

How to Present a Grievance to Management

November 7, 2013: The first stages of filing a grievance can be the most important, no matter what kind of grievance procedure your contract contains. It's the time when information is gathered and arguments are tested and when membership involvement and pressure can make the most difference. It's also the point at which mistakes can be avoided.

Tips for Writing Grievances

August 19, 2013: Writing an effective grievance is the first step to winning and the foundation for your case. Avoid common mistakes with these Teamster Grievance Writing Tips.

IBT Power Point Summary of New DOT Regs

July 8, 2013: The International Union has a thorough summary of the new DOT regulations now in effect. While much of this will impact nonunion operators and drivers more than union, a few parts are very relevant to many drivers.


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