Dealing with Difficult Supervisors

June 28, 2012: Supervisors have different strategies to try to put stewards off, trip you up or get around the contract.

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for dealing with difficult supervisors. But being prepared can help you feel more confident, be more effective and avoid getting caught off guard.

What does your CEO make?

April 20, 2012: Now you can learn what the CEO of your employer makes, and information on how inflated executive pay hurts our economy.

Teamster Grievance Quiz

March 23, 2012: Do you have what it takes to turn a workplace problem into a winning grievance?

The Right to Vote and You

February 8, 2012: Top Teamster officials want to end your Right to Vote for Teamster President and other International officers.

What does that have to do with your job and your benefits? More than you may think.

Investigating Grievances

February 2, 2012: A winning grievance starts with a good investigation. If you don’t have your facts straight, management will shoot down your case.

How to Recruit to TDU

Most new members join TDU because another Teamster recruits them by urging them to join, answering their questions and mailing in their membership form.


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