Annual $150,000 Club Report

December 16, 2011: Teamsters for a Democratic Union believes members have a right to know where our dues money goes.

35 Years of TDU: 1976 The Teamster Reform Movement Is Born

July 15, 2011: In 1976 our Teamsters Union was in big trouble. For years, top leaders allowed organized crime to infiltrate the highest levels of the union. The mob was raiding the Central States Pension Fund to build Las Vegas casinos. The members were shut out.

Want Your Local’s 2010 Financial Report?

March 29, 2011: Want to see your local’s financial report for 2010? Most U.S. unions—locals, joint councils, Internationals—must file a 2010 financial report with the U.S. Department of Labor by March 31. They are available on-line.

Organizing for Teamster Power

February 26, 2010: TDU’s International Steering Committee met in February to make TDU’s grassroots organizing plans for 2010.

Book Review: Hoffa and the Teamsters

March 8, 2010: A compilation of Teamster press releases can’t be real labor history. But the IBT’s new book, James R Hoffa: Messages to the Membership is worth reading for what it is: how Hoffa and his union staff wanted him presented to the members, and to the public.


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