The Minneapolis Teamster Strike

July 21, 2009: At the height of the Great Depression, Minneapolis Teamsters led a historic strike that laid the foundation for national Teamster Power.

Making the Most of Local Union Meetings

Many members think that union meetings are just a place you go to hear long, drawn out reports or to listen to beefs that you don’t understand by members who work at other companies.

Teamsters Deal with Speed-Up

May 1, 2008: Teamster employers are implementing new technology in a big way—making us change the way we work and creating new challenges for our union.

How to Change Your Bylaws

January 10, 2008: Last year, members in Chicago Local 726 voted two times to reject a proposed tentative agreement that didn’t protect their jobs.

Win New Rights by Reforming Your Local Bylaws

Members at Sysco Foods in Los Angeles Local 630 are gearing up for contract negotiations in 2004. In the past, the rank-and-file has always been kept in the dark about negotiations.


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