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Central States Drops Pension Cut Bomb

April 15, 2015: The Central States Pension Fund has launched a PR offensive to sell their fast-track pension cut plan as the only way to “rescue” members’ retirement.

Nyhan’s Fast-Track: What’s Behind the Curtain

April 15, 2015: Central States Pension Fund Director is giving the hard sell on his fast-track pension cuts, but withholding all the information members need to formulate alternatives.

He states the plan will go broke in exactly 11 years, and says we cannot question his facts. Where does he get this figure? And why hasn’t it changed as the fund’s assets have gone up?

Central States Pension Fund: $17.8 Billion

July 9, 2013. The Central States Pension Fund ended 2012 with $17.8 billion in assets, according to the Fund’s financial and analytical report, which we just obtained, per a lawsuit we won to make this information available to Teamsters and retirees.

The "Hybrid" Withdrawal Liability Method

November 20, 2012: Under the "Hybrid" model, the Pension Fund sets up two departments: the traditional pension model and the new one with no employer liability.

Pension Q & A Lay-offs, YRC, and Pensions

July 21, 2009: Thousands of Teamsters are laid off or working less than full time. Now some 50,000 working and laid-off Teamsters at YRC are voting on an economic relief deal that would take them out of the Teamster pension plans for the next 18 months.

UPS Won’t Guarantee Benefits After 2013

April 10, 2009: On January 1, 2008, UPS transferred some 44,000 full-time Teamsters out of the Central States Pension Fund, and into a new UPS-only pension plan.

Pension Protection Act: Brought to You by UPS

June 20, 2008: Right after the Pension Protection Act was passed in 2006, the New York Times warned “the new Pension Protection Act will do little to protect most Americans.”


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