On the Road with Sandy Pope

May 20, 2011: Grassroots supporters of Sandy Pope have launched an outreach campaign to reach 100,000 Teamster voters in May and June.

Sandy Pope with YRC Teamsters in Elizabeth, N.J.More than 200 Teamster campaign coordinators from across North America met with Sandy Pope via conference call to launch a grassroots campaign to reach 100,000 in May and June.

The call was the first step in a campaign to reach 100,000 Teamster voters with election information this spring.

Sandy Pope will officially be nominated at the Teamster Convention on June 30. “I am in it to win it,” Pope told the campaigners, speaking from a campaign stop in Cincinnati.

OHIO: Sandy Pope meets with members from Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus.Sandy is the only candidate for General President that has the support of both local union officers and a grassroots network of Teamster rank-and-file volunteers. During the official candidate accreditation process in the fall, Sandy Pope Campaign volunteers reached 100,000 Teamsters in just over a month and collected more than 50,000 accreditation petition signatures.

The Sandy Pope Campaign is now launching a spring outreach campaign to reach another 100,000 Teamsters before the Teamster Convention.

GEORGIA: Sandy Pope meets ABF Teamsters in Atlanta.Campaign volunteers will be holding meetings, events and local conference calls to make outreach plans.

Volunteers will be passing out campaign leaflets at Teamster worksites and have set a goal of collecting 10,000 more email addresses so that the Sandy Pope Campaign can reach more Teamster voters with election information.

The campaign that can inform the most Teamster voters will win this election. Help make the difference.

KENTUCKY: Louisville DJ Terry Meiners interviews Sandy on WHAS FM 84.Volunteer to reach Teamster members in your area. Work on your own or we can team you up with other campaign volunteers in your local. Contact the campaign today so we can coordinate this outreach effort across North America.

One idea that came out of the conference call was more networking of campaigners: a conference call of Sandy Pope campaigners in the construction industry is being planned, for example. If interested, contact the campaign office.

Get your campaign outreach packet. Fill out and return the form on the back of this issue or go to www.SandyPope2011.org


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