Rome Aloise Awaits the Verdict

Rome Aloise, International VP and the architect of the Vairma-Herrera Slate, is awaiting a final ruling from Judge Barbara Jones on his future relationship to the Teamsters Union.

Aloise-1200_thumb.jpgAloise, through his attorney, has offered a deal in which he would permanently resign all Teamster positions, but would retain the ability to manipulate certain officials behind the scenes. The Independent Disciplinary Officer (IDO) has called for a ban on Aloise having contact with Teamster officials, to prevent his behind-the-curtain operation.

Judge Jones will make a decision soon; there is no specified timeline but it may be early in the new year.

Aloise offered to resign his International positions by December 31, resign his local and joint council leadership positions within 60 days, and avoid contacting Teamster officials for one year. But under his proposed deal, Rome would be free to talk with Teamster officials if they call him firstThis loophole would allow Aloise to continue to interfere in Teamster affairs despite his removal from office, which is exactly what he was found guilty of and is being punished for.

During Aloise's two-year suspension from office in 2018 and 2019, he continued to run Northern California Local 853, Joint Council 7, dictate bargaining and political tactics, cut deals with employers, and plan the Vairma-Herrera slate. Judge Jones found him guilty of exactly that in her decision of October 7, 2021.

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