Sandy Pope: “It’s Time for a New Direction for Our Union”

May 20, 2011: Sandy Pope told a nationwide conference call of Teamster supporters on May 15 the news they wanted to hear. When the votes are tallied at the Teamster Convention in June, Sandy Pope will be on the ballot as a candidate for General President.

“The Hoffa Campaign is going to be twisting arms and spreading rumors. I’m telling you now: We have the delegates to get nominated,” Pope said.

More than 50,000 Teamsters signed accreditation petitions to make Sandy Pope an official candidate for General President. But to get on the ballot in October, Pope needs to be nominated by delegates at the Teamster Convention.

The Hoffa Campaign launched a nationwide effort to block Pope from winning the delegate support she needs to get on the ballot, and to deny Teamster members an election. But the plan didn’t work.

“We have the support of many local officers who ran and won, including officers who have supported Hoffa in the past. They’ve had enough and we’re working together to build a new, stronger direction for our Teamsters Union,” Pope said.

On the day of the conference call, several new delegate endorsements were received by the campaign.

Pope will also receive nominating votes at the Convention from rank-and-file Teamsters who successfully defeated their local union officers in Convention Delegate elections. Pope’s delegate support comes from every region of the International Union.

Teamster Delegates: Put Our Union First

At the last IBT Convention in 2006, the Hoffa camp called for the elected delegates, who represent all the members, to walk out when opposition candidate Tom Leedham spoke.

Most delegates and alternates, including from my Local 638, refused to even listen to another viewpoint. That narrow-minded action has no place in our union. Have a political viewpoint, yes, but keep an open mind. When I was honored to serve as an elected delegate, I had a viewpoint, but listened to everyone, as did the other delegates and alternates.

Teamster members are paying to send delegates there, and expect them to pay attention.

I suggest that Teamster members personally ask their local delegates to attend this Convention as Teamsters first. Listen respectfully to Sandy Pope and other candidates who may have a different viewpoint. Then make an informed decision on your own.

Newest Local Votes for Sandy Pope Delegates

“We’re new Teamsters, and we think we need a fighting union—at the University of California and across the country.

“We’re excited to be backing Sandy Pope at the Teamster Convention!”

Kathi Renfro Elected Convention Delegate Local 2010, University of California

Sandy Is a Real Teamster and a Real Leader

“Another five years of Hoffa would kill us in freight.

“We need a leader who knows how to build Teamster power. That’s why I’m going to the Teamster Convention to nominate Sandy Pope for Teamster President.”

John Lattanzio, YRC

Charlotte Local 71 Says ‘No More Hoffa’

“Local 71 members are fed up with benefit cuts, concessions, and weak enforcement.

“That’s why the No More Hoffa slate swept our delegate election.”

Willie Ford, UPS


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