Sandy Pope Nominated: Now It’s Up to the Members

June 30, 2010: Teamsters will have a real choice this fall: five more years of Hoffa, or a new direction. Sandy Pope was nominated today and will challenge Hoffa for General President this fall.

The power is in the hands of the members to chart the union’s future.

The Sandy Pope Campaign press release is available here.

To find out more about the Campaign, click here.

The Convention showed that Hoffa’s support is down even among the officials.

The Hoffa slate spent the week bragging about the “sea of red Hoffa vests” in the convention hall, and Hoffa’s spokesman bragged to the media that Sandy would fail to get the support of 81 delegates, the number needed for nomination. But when the votes were counted, she got 137 delegates. Hoffa got 82% of the delegate votes, compared to the 94% five years ago, and that he expected to get today. Click here to see the official nominations results.

The Hoffa candidates repeatedly took the floor of the convention to call anyone who runs for office disloyal to the union, and called the membership election a “waste of money.”

The vote showed that even among the officialdom, Hoffa’s support is slipping. Also, three members of the GEB have split from him and are running on the Gegare Slate, potentially dividing the Hoffa vote this fall.