Standing Up for Teamster Power

April 6, 2012: In a tough economy, Teamsters rely on TDU more than ever to help members stand up to employers who are attacking our contracts, our benefits, and our rights.

We’re organizing members to fight for better contracts, helping rank-and-file Teamsters run for local union office, and educating a new generation of union leaders.

But we can’t do it without you. TDU is your rank-and-file organization, run and funded entirely by Teamster members like you.

We’re launching a Spring fundraising drive to raise $25,000 to make sure we can be there for members who are standing up for better jobs and a stronger union.

Click here and do your part by donating today.

Together, we can rebuild our great union.

Click here to read a special message about TDU from Sandy Pope.

Making UPS Deliver

“UPS is making huge profits—by squeezing more production from members.

“In my six years on the job, I’ve never seen Hoffa stand up to UPS. We turn to TDU to get the facts we need to stand up to the company. It’s time to get involved and organize members to make sure that we win a fair contract in the next negotiations.”

Kamal Kaalund, UPS Inside Steward, Local 804, New York City

Saving Our Pensions

“Hoffa and Tyson Johnson have left the concession stand wide open. Freight companies are gutting our pensions.

“We need TDU now more than ever to help us fight for our retirement and rebuild Teamster Power. I donate $200 every year and will do it again this year.”

Paul Host, ABF, Local 200, Milwaukee

Running for Local Union Office

“With TDU, we’ve built a real movement for change in Spokane and we’re gearing up to take back Local 690 later this year. TDU gets members involved in the union and gives us the training we need to become organizers and leaders.

“I’m going to donate $100 a month to keep TDU going.”

Tim Hill, UPS Feeder Driver, Local 690, Spokane, Wash.

Fighting for Stronger Contracts

“Teamster school bus drivers in New York all do the same work; we deserve the same pay and benefits. TDU is showing us how to organize members to have a voice in bargaining our contract this year and win the equal pay we deserve.

“I just signed up to donate $10 a month on my credit card.”

Pierre Jerome, Empire Bus Co., Local 854, New York

Standing Up to the Attack on Unions

“The bosses and corporate politicians are trying to run the unions out of town. We can’t depend on Hoffa to fight back—it’s got to come from the members.

“TDU keeps Teamsters informed and gives us the tools to bring members together and defend our rights.”

Cindy McLaughlin, UPS, Local 413, Columbus, Ohio