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Rank and File Power at UPS

The 1997 UPS strike galvanized broad community and labor support. The victory sent a message that it is possible to take on corporate giants and win.

Price: $3.00

Democracy Is Power

By Mike Parker and Martha Gruelle. This book shows what member control of our unions really looks like, and why it's crucial to our future.

Price: $19.00

No Contract, No Peace!

A legal guide to successful job actions by Robert Schwartz.

$20 per book.

Shipping Cost: $2 per book.

Price: $22.00

Los Agravios

Teamsters have been using our book Grievances: Using the Grievance Procedure to Defend Our Rights and Build Power on the Job to stop harassment and win better working conditions since we published it in 1999.

Price: $10.00

The Labor Law Source Book

The 20 most significant labor codes, compiled into one convenient text by attorney Robert Schwartz.

$20 per book.

Price: $22.00


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