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Leedham’s Grassroots v Hoffa’s Glossy Ads

January 30, 2006: The campaign for Teamster president is starting to heat up—with the opposing slates employing competing strategies. Both Hoffa and the Tom Leedham Strong Contracts, Good Pensions Slate have campaign pages in the February Teamster magazine and on their websites. But the similarity ends there. While Hoffa is struggling to keep defectors in the fold and put a glossy sheen on his failed record, Tom Leedham is drawing in new support and building...

Carhaul Leader Joins Leedham Slate

January 30, 2006: John Thyer, the secretary-treasurer of St. Louis Local 604 and an experienced union leader, has joined the Tom Leedham Strong Contracts, Good Pensions Slate to help strengthen and rebuild the IBT Carhaul Division and the Teamsters Union as a whole. “Under Hoffa, we’ve got a shrinking union and shrinking Teamster power,” Thyer said. “Hoffa has lost touch with the members and cut local officers out of the loop.” Thyer has been outspoken...
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