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Court Finds Hoffa Trusteeship Legal

November 4, 2004: On Nov. 9 federal judge Kathleen O’Malley issued a temporary restraining order against James Hoffa’s trusteeship of Cleveland Local 293. Hoffa’s trustee was sent packing and the 1,700 members of Local 293 got their local back, with the elected officers back in office. Hoffa placed the local into trusteeship on Sept. 20, alleging serious problems including that Local 293 had undermined a strike by Local 348 against a beer distributor. Members, including...

Review Board Charges Chicago Power Broker

November 4, 2004: The Independent Review Board (IRB) on Oct. 14 charged Joseph Bernstein with associating with Billy Hogan, who was banned from the Teamsters in May 2002. Bernstein, the president of Chicago Local 781 and vice president of Joint Council 25, faces a hearing and likely removal from our union as well as the loss of his $218,441 salary. Bernstein admitted under oath to having at least three meetings with Hogan, one of which...
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