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Urgent: Congress to vote today on pension cuts

December 11, 2014: We need your help NOW! The House is poised to vote on the omnibus spending bill, which includes provisions that would allow pension plan trustees to cut the hard-earned pension benefits of current retirees – as a purported solution to shoring up certain financially-troubled multiemployer plans. Click here to contact your members of congress and tell them to strip the pension cut ammendment from the omnibus bill. Sign up for email updates...

Last Stand Against Pension Cut Deal

UPDATED December 13, 2014: There's still time to fight Congress's last-minute pension cut deal by calling and emailing your Senators today. Do it now. The vote could come Monday on the budget bill. Here's how to reach your Senator:   Click here to read AARP's letter of opposition. Click here to read a Statement from the Pension Rights Center. Click here to read a Statement by Senator Tom Harkin. The proposed pension cuts amendment has now...
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