TDU & the New Teamsters

TDU leaders and other activists played a crucial role in winning new leadership in Teamsters. 

Now, many of us are taking on new leadership roles in the country’s most powerful union.

John Palmer

John Palmer, a member of TDU’s Steering Committee, was elected International Vice President and is the new Teamster Deputy Director of Organizing, focusing on internal organizing  in ‘Right-to-Work’ states.




Paul Trujillo

Paul Trujillo, is the new Director of the International Union Education Department, charged with overseeing internal education and member training programs across the country.




Vinnie Perrone

Vinnie Perrone, the President of the 8,000-member UPS local union in New York and an elected Trustee of the International Union, is the new Package Division Director for the Eastern Region, which is in charge of the contract campaign at UPS.


Willie Ford 

Willie Ford led a reform team and was elected President of Charlotte Local 71 in 2018, the first African American to lead that local union. Now Willie, a long-time TDU leader, has won election to the International Union leadership.



Matt Taibi  

Matt Taibi, long-time TDU leader and principal officer of Rhode Island Local 251, is an elected International Vice President and now the Director of the Passenger Transportation Division, representing 50,000 school bus and transportation workers. 



Brian Peyton

Five years ago, TDU activist Brian Peyton led a reform slate to victory in Richmond Local 322. Now, he is the Director of the Teamsters Human Rights Division where he’ll lead programs to fight racism and discrimination and empower Teamsters of color.



Kristen Jefferson

Kristen Jefferson is a member of TDU’s Steering Committee and worked part-time at a UPS hub in Chicago. Now she’s a full-time Teamster organizer working for the International Union.



Gabriella Killpack

Gabriella Killpack is a UPS package driver from Salt Lake City and has served on TDU’s leadership for two years. Now she’s working full-time organizing for the International Union.




emily-300.jpgEmily Butt

Emily Butt, a member of the TDU Steering Committee, is moving from a UPS part-timer in Detroit to a full-time Teamster organizer. 






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