Convoy 222 November/December 2004

TDU Welcomes BMWE Members to the Teamsters

November 4, 2004: On October 27, members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (BMWE), who lay and maintain railroad tracks, voted by a large margin to merge with the IBT.

TDU Elects New Leadership

November 4, 2004: TDU members at our organization’s convention took time to do a little campaigning and to elect the TDU International Steering Committee (ISC) for the coming year.

Engineer Urges Railroad Teamsters to Join TDU

November 4, 2004: I am a Locomotive Engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad with 34 years of service, and am on my third term as president of Division 724 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Gate Gourmet Tries to Break Union

November 4, 2004: Gate Gourmet, whose 10,500 employees provide food services to airlines and railroads, is trying to break our union. The current contract expired June 1.

Teamsters Plan for the Future

November 4, 2004: Hundreds of Teamsters attended the 29th annual TDU Convention in Cleveland last month to chart the course of the reform movement for the coming year.

Court Finds Hoffa Trusteeship Legal

November 4, 2004: On Nov. 9 federal judge Kathleen O’Malley issued a temporary restraining order against James Hoffa’s trusteeship of Cleveland Local 293.

Review Board Charges Chicago Power Broker

November 4, 2004: The Independent Review Board (IRB) on Oct. 14 charged Joseph Bernstein with associating with Billy Hogan, who was banned from the Teamsters in May 2002.


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