Convoy 253 August 2008

Concessions as Union Strategy

August 5, 2008: Over the past year, the International Union has signed four national contracts in the trucking industry, covering nearly 350,000 Teamsters—setting the pattern for many more.

UPSers Get 35¢

August 1, 2008: UPS Teamsters got a 35¢ raise on August 1, the smallest raise in many years. Another 35¢ raise will follow in six months, for a total of 70¢ over the next year.

UPS Full-Time Jobs Takeaway

August 1, 2008: Interviews with shop stewards and members in local unions across the county reveal that UPS is violating the contract when it comes to full-time job creation.

Minneapolis Members Weigh Cuts at Star Tribune

August 1, 2008: As Convoy goes to press, Teamster drivers, pressmen, and mailers at the Minneapolis Star Tribune are facing separate proposed contract reopeners that would cut their wages by 10 per

Is Baltimore Pension Fund Driving Blind?

August 6, 2008: Ever since the Baltimore Local 355 fund cut the pension accrual rate to zero, members have been asking why the cuts happened, and what the local is doing to restore the cuts.


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