Convoy 256 January/February 2009

Ten Years of Hoffa

January 10, 2009: James Hoffa took office ten years ago, promising to Restore Teamster Power.

Instead, we’ve suffered a decade of decline.

New Rules Weaken Overtime Protection at UPS

January 10, 2009: Under a contract loophole, UPS and the International Union have agreed to new restrictions that will make it harder for drivers to file grievances against excessive overtime.

Beyond the Freight Concessions Vote

January 10, 2009: YRCW Teamsters have spoken and the 10 percent wage cut is now a fact. Its impact will be felt in ways beyond the loss of income for 40,000 Teamsters.

Driving in Winter Weather

Winter’s here. Dispatch has the idea that there is no such thing as road conditions too bad to drive. Am I on thin ice if I refuse to drive in dangerous conditions?

Local 896 Members Fight Merger

January 10, 2009: Local 848 Secretary-Treasurer Jim Santangelo is pushing to absorb Local 896, the California brewery and soft drink local.

Expensive Inauguration Trips

January 16, 2008: James Hoffa sent a memo to all local unions offering their officers the opportunity to get hotel rooms for the Presidential Inauguration, at local union expense.


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