Convoy 259 May/June 2009

Thousands Sign Petition to Protect Full-Time Jobs

May 26, 2009: Thousands of UPS Teamsters have signed a petition calling on the International Union to take up a national grievance on the company’s elimination of Article 22.3 full-time jobs at the next national grievance panel in Philadelphia, June 8 to 11.

Temporary Help for Pension Funds

May 22, 2009: Most members covered by Teamster pension plans recently received an Annual Funding Notice in the mail, and some of those letters have been pretty scary.

On the Move to Build TDU

June 03, 2009: Across the country, Teamsters are holding TDU meetings, setting up educational workshops, and getting out Convoy.

Pension Crisis Calls for Teamster Action

May 22, 2009: Our union needs to mobilize Teamster members and retirees—in the halls of Congress and in the streets—to save our benefits. It’s time for decisive action.


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