Convoy 260 July/August 2009

Dump Hoffa!

July 21, 2009: Fed up with contract givebacks, benefit cuts & empty promises, members are launching a movement to elect new leaders and set a new course for our Teamsters Union.

How Convoy Dispatch Got Its Name

July 21, 2009: The year was 1976. The Teamster president was Frank Fitzsimmons, who enjoyed golfing with President Nixon and trucking employers.

Pension Q & A Lay-offs, YRC, and Pensions

July 21, 2009: Thousands of Teamsters are laid off or working less than full time. Now some 50,000 working and laid-off Teamsters at YRC are voting on an economic relief deal that would take them out of the Teamster pension plans for the next 18 months.

The Future of Our Union in Freight

July 21, 2009: Some 50,000 freight Teamsters have been forced to make a terrible choice, thanks to a decade of misleadership at the top of our union.

YRC Tentative Agreement: What’s In It?

The ballots for the YRC tentative went out in mid-July. YRC Teamsters face a huge decision, for themselves and their families, and for our union in the freight industry.

Where to Buy a Used Car in Texas

July 21, 2009: What does Tyson Johnson, the International Union freight director, based out of Dallas, have to say about concessions he just bargained for YRC Teamsters?

Running to Rebuild Local 804 Power

July 21, 2009: The Local 804 Members United Slate is running to restore the pride and power in New York Teamsters Local 804 the home of Ron Carey and one of the largest and most powerful UPS locals in the country.


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