Convoy 260 July/August 2009

TDU Protects Your Right to Information

July 21, 2009: Teamsters have a right to discuss union issues and exchange union-related literature at work.

TDU is at work defending and expanding that right.

The Minneapolis Teamster Strike

July 21, 2009: At the height of the Great Depression, Minneapolis Teamsters led a historic strike that laid the foundation for national Teamster Power.

Freight Teamsters Speak Out

Working Teamsters are speaking out about the latest round of concessions at YRC and what it will take to save our union in freight.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

IBT Strikes Out at UPS Panel

If the Teamster National Grievance Committee was a UPS employee it would be fired for poor job performance.

Our union won just four out of 59 cases at the last national grievance panel.

Close the FedEx Loophole

July 21, 2009: Congress may soon vote on a bill to close the FedEx loophole that makes it harder for FedEx workers to unionize.

New Technology Tracks Drivers' Every Move

July 21, 2009: UPS is implementing new technology that allows management to monitor drivers like never before. Telematics amounts to a daily OJS without a manager ever getting in your truck.


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