Teamster Voice 264 February/March 2010

Save Our Pensions

February 26, 2010: Teamsters are worried about our pensions.

New legislation could help save our benefits. But it won’t be won without strong union action.

IBT-UPS Pension Plan Keeps You in the Dark

March 8, 2010: Have you ever tried to get information from the new “IBT-UPS Pension Plan” that covers all full time UPS Teamsters in the Central and Southern Regions and the Carolinas?

Brokers Take Union Work in Sacramento

By David Loyd, UPS Freight, Local 150, Sacramento, Calif.

We here in the South Sacramento service center need to be added to the report on UPS Freight subcontracting. In the past seven months we have lost 10 road jobs.

Time to Take on Subcontracting at UPS Freight

February 26, 2010: UPS Freight Teamsters have filed over 40 national grievances to close the loophole on subcontracting at UPS Freight.

Will the IBT take action to protect Teamster jobs?

Enforcing the UPS Freight Contract

February 26, 2010: As the January Teamster Voice reported, subcontracting is a big issue at UPS Freight. But it’s not the only issue.

Please Use the Potty, Not the Package Car

February 26, 2010: UPS is fighting a grievance all the way to the national panel over a supervisor who urinated in the back of a package car during a driver’s OJS.

UPS Profits Tripled in Fourth Quarter

February 26, 2010: UPS raked in $757 million in profits in the Fourth Quarter—nearly tripling its profits over the same period last year. Overall, Brown made $2.15 billion in profits in 2009. That’s after taxes.

School Bus Drivers Coming Together

February 26, 2010: For years, Local 854 members in New York City have had substandard wages and working conditions compared to other school bus unions in the city.


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