Teamster Voice 264 February/March 2010

Will YRC Pension Contributions Resume in 2011?

February 26, 2010: YRC Teamsters—except in Chicago Local 710—have approved concessions that terminate participation in our pension plans until the end of this year, but resume on January 1.

Will New Grocery Contracts Save Jobs?

February 26, 2010: Contracts covering thousands of Southern California grocery and warehouse Teamsters are up this fall.

Teamster warehouse jobs are on the line.

Organizing for Teamster Power

February 26, 2010: TDU’s International Steering Committee met in February to make TDU’s grassroots organizing plans for 2010.

Book Review: Hoffa and the Teamsters

March 8, 2010: A compilation of Teamster press releases can’t be real labor history. But the IBT’s new book, James R Hoffa: Messages to the Membership is worth reading for what it is: how Hoffa and his union staff wanted him presented to the members, and to the public.


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