Teamster Voice 278 April 2012

Standing Up For Our Pensions

March 15, 2012: The new issue of Teamster Voice includes a special report that looks at the rise and decline of Teamster pension funds—and how members can stand up to save strong Teamster pensions.

Teamster Pension Timeline

March 15, 2012: Strong pensions mean retirement security for working Teamsters—and Teamster Power for our union as a whole.

Part-Time Wage Increase a Must

March 15, 2012: When Teamster members at our union's largest and most profitable employer are making less than minimum wage, you know there's something wrong.

March 15, 2012: Teamsters at UPS Freight launch website to discuss contract issues and strategies for winning a good contract next year.

ABF CEO Gets $455,000 Raise

March 15, 2012: Total compensation for ABF CEO Judy McReynolds spiked to nearly $1.35 million in 2011 according to a proxy report filed by the company in February.

Hoffa Drops Hours of Service Fight

March 15, 2012: Highway safety advocates filed a new lawsuit challenging the proposed hours-of-service rule published in December 2011, saying it does not go far enough in addressing driver fatigue.


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