Teamster Voice 285 June 2013

Teamster Power Sidelined

May 24, 2013: The weak contracts at UPS and UPS Freight affect every Teamster. TDU stands for an alternative to brownouts and concessions.


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UPS Freight Members Say 'Vote No!'

May 24, 2013: The UPS Freight contract is headed down in many big locals. Teamsters around the country report the proposed UPS Freight contract fails to measure up.

ABF Teamsters to Vote on Concessions

May 24, 2013: Ballots will be mailed to members in early June. The union's brochure makes the case that concessions are needed for the health of the company.

YRC Pays Hoffa Board Appointee $250,000 Monthly Fee

May 24, 2013: Was Wilson consulting on ABF purchase? YRCW board member Harry Wilson is getting paid $250,000 per month, since February 2013, and may get a lot more. Wilson was appointed to the YRCW Board by the Teamsters Union leadership.

Make YRC Pay Their Fair Share

May 24, 2013: When the YRC, Zollars and Hoffa bank heist is finally completed in 2015, I will be out an estimated $57K in wages alone.

Hoffa OKs Deals to Undermine Carhaul Contract

May 24, 2013: In April Hoffa's Carhaul Director, Roy Gross, blocked from going to arbitration a work preservation grievance which challenged Jack Cooper's new substandard division.

Healthcare Giveback Stirs Backlash

May 24, 2013: Ken Hall vowed UPSers would not pay for our healthcare. But under the tentative agreement, 140,000 UPSers would be moved into an inferior plan that will force them to pay a lot more for healthcare.


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